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Winter Don't Eat Pete [Winter Class Party Game]

Winter Don't Eat Pete

We are getting down to the wire for class party planning.  I was hoping to find a snowman version of Don't Eat Pete, but stumbled across this cute Winter Don't Eat Pete Game that I am using instead.  Throw in a game of Roll A Snowman, a silent snowball fight and Winter 4 corners and I think I have the games covered.

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Familia_Henderson said...

How do you do a winter version of four corners? And what is a silent snowball fight?

Lorie said...

A silent snowball fight involves them all sitting on their desks and playing catch with five white foam (or styrofoam) balls. If you miss the ball or talk you are out and have to sit in your seat until the next round. It is really just quiet ball with a winter name.

Lorie said...

Winter four corners is just like regular four corners (one person is it and stands in the middle with their eyes closed. Everyone else quietly picks a corner and then the person in the middle selects a corner and everyone standing in that corner is out) but instead of numbering the corners they each are assigned a winter theme (mittens, scarf, ice skates, coat) and I just display a picture in each corner to remind them which corner is which.