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Miniature Cookies [Tiny Treats]

Minuature Christmas Cookies from Snowfern

You had to know that there was no way I could stop with just one miniature food post.  Tiny treats are just too cute!  I stumbled across these gorgeous miniature Christmas cookies from Snowfern.  These aren't actually edible though.  They are made from clay and she sells them in her Etsy Store.  But mini cookies are possible.  Caroline from Whipped gets mini cookies from her friend at Christmas.  All your favorite traditional holiday cookies with a shorter baking time

Also very edible are these miniature Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies.  You remember the full size Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie recipe?  Well now they come in a less guilt inducing size.  Unless, of course, you eat the entire batch.

And if you love peanut butter blossoms, you will love these miniature peanut butter blossoms made with chocolate chip cookies from The Unconfidential Cook.

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