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Holiday Fudge Recipes

White Chocolate Fudge with Cashews from At Second Street

Tis the season for fudge.  Lots and lots of yummy fudge.  And although chocolate fudge will always be my favorite, the holidays are a great time to try some new fudge recipes.  So way not try some white chocolate fudge recipe from At Second Street.  You can't go wrong with any recipe that uses cashews.

Or you can go with my second favorite, peanut butter fudge.

Which of course goes well with regular fudge too. chocolate fudge too.

Making Memories has a recipe for root beer float fudge that might be with a taste.

And for something completely unique, She Simmers has a Thai Tea Fudge recipe.

What is your favorite fudge recipe?


Unknown said...

Yummy! I think the peanut butter is my favorite.

Cynthia said...

I have yet to make a decent fudge. I can make French Macarons- but not fudge! GAH! I am totally going to try and change that this season.