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Gingerbread House Ideas

Brick Gingerbread House from My Insanity

It is that time again.  Time to start collecting ideas for gingerbread houses.  Here are some of my favorite ideas so far this year.  I love the brick gingerbread house from My Insanity and the pretzel log cabins gingerbread house from Gingerbread House Heaven.

Instead of using a ton of frosting or coconut to make snow, I am pretty sure that this snow covered gingerbread house used confectioners sugar.

The roof is always one of the most important things, and I love this chevron patterned gingerbread house roof I saw over at Elegance Redefined.  It was even way ahead of the trend because it was from 2008.

I love the gingerbread porch that Vegan dad add to his house.

And I think I need a candy cane lamppost (and whatever that really cool roof is) from the house in this image by Steve Cohen:

And I think my overall favorite that I found this year over at Artisan Cake Company is this UP gingerbread house.

If you are making your gingerbread house from scratch, Fave Crafts has a great tutorial on how to bake and construct a custom gingerbread house.

And you can check out the gingerbread house inspiration from last year too.

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Emily said...

I'm just guessing, but I think the "really cool roof" is Fruit Stripe Gum.