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Funny Elf on a Shelf Ideas [Christmas Traditions]

Elf on a Shelf Ideas from Living Locruto

We never had an Elf on the Shelf come and visit our house before, but next Christmas I might have to write a special letter to Santa requesting one, because I have seen him do some pretty hilarious things at other peoples houses.  Amy's Elf on a shelf took a marshmallow bubble bath.

I found this Elf on the Shelf fishing in the toilet on Pinterest.

Autumn found her Elf building a snowman in the freezer.

This Elf was sharing some syrup with Barbie.

And later made a snow angel out of sugar.

Do you have an Elf?  What has he been up to?


KidSpace Stuff said...

I love finding out what Elf on the Shelf has been up to and these great! Thanks for sharing. Started my day with a smile. :-)

Mud Pie Studio said...

This morning our Elf left the kids elf seeds (aka white tic tacs in a baggy) with a note that said they were to plant them in a bowl of sugar tonight before they go to bed. But that it would only work if they go to bed when they're told to. In the morning, there will be white powdered donuts in the bowl! =)

Sherron said...

The Elf tricks are new to me, but I think that my kids will get a kick out of them next year- they are getting older- nearly teenagers- but I think that they will have fun with it. Thank you for sharing the fun ideas!

Anonymous said...

We did one idea where the elf was in my sons jeep and drove it into the table and flipped it over. it was great! he thought it was the funniest thing ever!