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Printable Birthday Calendar [Free Printables]

Free Printable Birthday Calendar from Craftaphile

The beginning of the year is right around the corner which means it is the time of year I start transferring all of the birthdays and special dates to next years calendars.  It never fails that I miss one or two or ten, so this year I am going to fill out a birthday calendar.  And I might even have to display it with a hanger, since I have been in love with the idea since I saw this hanger photo display in 2008.

You can download this free printable birthday calendar over at Craftaphile.


Miranda said...

Where do I find the wooden thing you hung it with? I love it!

Unknown said...

In the coat hanger section at walmart is where i got mine.

Lorie said...

They are just pant hangers. You should be able to find them any place you buy hangers. Ikea has really inexpensive ones, but you can find them at Target and Walmart too.