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Tissue Paper Pom Pom Gift Wrap

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Gift Wrap by Party Accessories

Even if you don't have three birthdays int he month of October to celebrate like we do, you are about to hit prime gift wrapping season as Christmas approaches.  I admit that I am a pretty lazy gift wrapper about 90% of the time, but there are a few people that I know appreciate the packaging and gift opening experience as much as the gift, so I always keep a look out for fun and easy gift wrapping ideas.  This tissue paper pom pom wrapping idea is great for lots of reasons.  You can reuse even the most crinkly tissue paper, there are a ton of fun color choices, it is inexpensive, easy, and looks really cute even on an unwrapped box!    

Then even used it to wrap up pieces of candy, but use a little bigger piece of tissue paper and you could wrap a small odd shaped present this way too.

And if you are decorating for birthdays this month, it makes a pretty cute tissue paper pom pom garland.

You can check out all three ideas over at Party Accessories.  And if you would like to see more ideas for dressing up plain packages, some of my favorites from the past are confetti striped wrapping paper, rainbow woven gift wrap,  rainbow yarn gift wrap, and cupcake liner bows.

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