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Halloween Rock Painting Craft for Kids

Kid Friendly Halloween Rock Painting from Curbly

Growing up I used to spend the summers in Christopher Creek Arizona with my grandparents.  And in the years I spent there I am pretty sure that we painted every rock within a mile radius of my grandparents cabin.  It was on of our favorite crafts.  It is honestly one of the simplest, inexpensive and fun crafts for kids, which is what makes it perfect.  It is great all year round, so why not let the kids decorate your front walk with some Halloween rock paintings.  And I bet you will want to get in on the action!

I think we will be going on a rock hunt next week.

You can check out more info on kid friendly Halloween rock painting over on Curbly.


Katie said...

Something I can (1) afford, and (2) do! I LOVE them!

Unknown said...

Great idea! My kids love going to Christopher Creek with their grandparents, too!