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Glowing Ghost Balloons

Glowing Ghost Balloons from Martha Stewart

Over the 4th of July we had a firework ban.  No fireworks is completely unacceptable to me, so we worked out a plan with one of our good friends to shoot glow stick fireworks into the sky.  They took care of the launcher and I bought the glow sticks.  And BOY did I buy glow sticks.  Lets just say I have enough glow sticks to last a couple of years.  At least I have something fun to do with them for Halloween now.  You better believe we will have a couple dozen of these glowing ghosts floating in our yard!  All you need is a sharpie, balloons. and a couple glow sticks.  Let me know if you need any!

You can check out how to make glowing ghost balloons over at Martha Stewart

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