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Sand Witches [Halloween Food]

Sand Witches from Lisa Storms

Halloween dinner is a really big deal around these parts.  We spend a lot of time planning food for adults and kids alike.  Sometimes I am surprised at the ideas that are so simple and perfect, that never cross our minds.

This fun idea from Lisa Storms is one of those ideas.  Sand Witches.  She dressed up subs with witch legs, but you could use anything from cucumber sandwiches to peanut butter and jelly cut with the right cookie cutter.  So if you are having a Halloween party and have some picky eaters attending, you might want to keep some sand witch sandwiches on hand.

Check out the rest of her great Halloween ideas over at Fiskars.


Sawdust Girl said...

These are too cute. Absolutely copying this idea. Thanks

Miss Charming said...

This is really a cute idea!

Lorie said...

Me too! So simple and fun! How could you not?

Annie said...

why have we never thought of this???