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Pie Lattice Cookies

Lattice Cookies from Not Martha

I love the look of these pie lattice cookies from Not Martha.  And I really love how they sit perfectly on top of the mug of cider.  I want to make them with sugar cookie dough and serve them over mugs of hot chocolate.  They would also be fun to make out of pie crust.  Then you could put ice cream in a mug with canned pie filling as a topping and top the mug with pie crust.  Like an easy pie a la mode.  Or serve it with pumpkin pudding to make it more pie-ish.

This has just become one of my new favorite ideas.

You can check out the tutorial for these lattice cookies HERE.


Morgan said...

mmm .. these look delicious! need to try them - thanks for sharing :)

Amie said...

Aren't these gorgeous?!

Monica @ M double M said...

Yum! Thanks for the idea :)

LeAnn said...

I smile every time I see these. :) Cute idea to serve sugar cookies with cocoa, except the sugar cookies might expand too much as they bake. I'm sure butter cookies would be divine, though. <3