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Halloween Paper Lanterns

Because of the light, almost eerie, glow that paper lanterns give off with the sad little LED lights inside, they might just be the perfect Halloween decoration.  Add to that the dozens of Halloween patterns and styles that you can get and they are one of my favorite.

You can buy most of these paper lanterns, but you could also take the less expensive solid paper lanterns and decorate them with a sharpie!  You can also cut designs out of black tissue paper and attach them with glue.

Beau Coup

This is just a start.  I can guarantee there will be more Halloween paper lantern ideas popping up on my blog before the end of October! 


Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

Such a fun collection Lor!

Love your guts

pressurized said...

wow ! i like those your collection here .. its already for the halloween