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Halloween Cake: Carmelized Cobwebs

Caramelized Cobwems and Licorice Spiders from Martha Stewart

If you are looking for a more mature Halloween dessert, Martha has you covered with this yummy chocolate caramel layered cake recipe, dressed up for Halloween with a caramelized spiderweb and licorice spider.

Now if only I could work up the courage to play with melted sugar, I might be able to add these edible spider webs to our Halloween treats.  Now that I have a couple of hours when Miss Ruby is at preschool, I might be able to.  The thought of kids in the same room with 400 degree sticky liquids gives me nightmares!

But if you are brave (and don't have little ones in the kitchen) Martha has a great tutorial for making the caramelized cobwebs, but if you feel saver using something like chocolate, you can check out the spider web cake in a jar for chocolate spider webs.

via Edible Crafts

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aimee said...

It looks really cool. il check out the tutorials xxx