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Five Spooky S'mores [Halloween S'mores]

S'more Ghost Marshmallows from Blondies and Brownies

S'mores are too yummy to leave behind when summer camping is finished. Let's be completely honest. The ration of non camping to camping s'more consumption is like 100:1 in my house.  So lets use some spooky marshmallow ghosts to make them completely Halloween appropriate.  Blondies and Brownies made these cute s'more ghost marshmallows.  They would be cute on top of a Halloween cupcake too.

You can have lots of fun with ghost shaped marshmallow Peeps.  Create spooky s'mores in a bag like Pink Cricut for a Halloween party favor.

Best Friends for Frosting have a recipe for Halloween s'mores in a jar that wold make a great Halloween gift for a neighbor or friend.

Make homemade graham crackers and cut them out into spooky Halloween shapes to create a treat like these bat s'mores from William Sonoma.

And if you want a store bought option, and a great snack for school, in October the s'more Zbars become Spooky S'more Z Bars.

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Katrina said...

where do I buy these clif bars?! I haven't seen them in the store!