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First Day of School Photo [Then and Now]

First Day of School Photo Op from Kim at Seven Thirty Three

I am not one to fake photo ops.  I didn't take my wedding pictures before the actual wedding and I have never reenacted something like the first day of school just for a photo op.  To me, pictures are about the moment, not how cool I can get that moment to look if I have more time.

**disclaimer** I am not saying it is BAD to do any of those things.  I can think of a million reasons (like not being rushed on the first day of school or having to stand outside in your wedding dress for hours while everyone waits for you at the luncheon) It just isn't something I do.**end disclaimer**

Now ALL of that being said, this idea from Kim at SevenThirtyThree is so fun that I am tempted to force my kids into their first day of school clothes and make them take a picture holding a poster board so that I can recreate this piece of photo shop magic.

That is Kim's daughter 'holding' a photo of the first day of school from the year before.

I love it on so many different levels and you can check out how she did it HERE.

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seven thirty three said...

Thanks Lorie! She had no idea why I was making her hold a blank piece of poster board, but when she got home from school and I showed her the picture, she thought it was the COOLEST thing ever. I plan to do it every year from here on out. ;) And I'll do it next year with my son when he starts Kindergarten too.