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DIY Ombre Striped Lamp Shade

Ombre Striped Lamp Shade Tutorial from Living with Lindsay

I am not one who usually falls in love with the latest trend, but I have to say that I am VERY in love with the whole ombre thing.  Basically l'ombre (I think that is how it is spelled) is the French word for shadow or shade. These days it presents itself in fashion or home decor as a graduated color stripe.  Think monochromatic.

Of course, take my knowledge with a grain of salt.  I won't tell you how long it took me to figure out that they weren't talking about a gas station when chevron became the new rage.

But these fading monochromatic stripes are showing up everywhere, like this lovely lamp from Living with Lindsay, and I love them.

I love this lamp!

And if you love the lamp, Lindsay will show you how to make one over on HERE.


Jamie said...

you're cracking me up with the chevron thing! so i'm not the only one who is lost when it comes to the names of all these trends? thanks so much for explaining "ombre". i thought it was how you say "man" in spanish.

Lindsay @ Makely said...

Thanks for the shout out! :D