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DIY Halloween Tablecloth

DIY Crepe Paper Halloween Tablecloth from Martha Stewart

Last year I bought a Halloween tablecloth that I loved at Target.

Sadly it did not make it.  After Halloween I threw it in the wash and now it is a sad grey-ish color.  So I have been looking for a new one for this year and sadly the only one I love is from Pottery Barn Kids and has a $50 price tag attached.  I probably would buy it anyway, but it isn't the right size.


But Martha might just come to the rescue.  At least for our Halloween birthday party.  This cute table cloth is actually made out of layers of crepe paper.

I don't think I can find Fabric wide enough to not require any sewing, but I might look just in case.

You can get the directions for making this DIY crepe paper Halloween Tablecloth HERE.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like the Martha Stewart idea.
But if you wanted to replicate that other look, you should be able to by purchasing a black table cloth, or black fabric from somewhere like and just use white chalk, white paint, or ink and write on it free hand or with stencils. Thant would be a fun project I'm even thinking about it myself right now. ;-)