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Be Splendid [20% Off Lifestyle Crafts]

Lifestyle Crafts is releasing their new Christmas themed dies and sent me some to play with.  Except there was a problem.  I am just not ready for Christmas.  I am way to excited for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  So I decided to see how versatile their dies could be.  It is one thing to have a cute die that you can use for Christmas, but it is another to have one that can multi-task.

I started with something easy.  These beautiful flourishes.

I cut them out of purple cardstock and used them to dress up my favorite Halloween lanterns.

I attached them to the outside of the glass (with a little dot of hot glue that will come right off the glass when I want to change it out) so I can still light the candle.  Vinyle would have worked great too. 

Next up is Thanksgiving.  See this sweet little angel?

She is perfect for a Christmas card or an ornament, but I had other plans for her.

Is it bad that an angel immediately made me think of a turkey?  This cute little guy makes a fun napkin holder, but he would be cute on a place card at the kids table, he is just the right size for a cupcake topper, and he looks pretty cute on an Izze too.

I will eventually get in the ho ho ho spirit and share some Christmas crafts with you.  I have big plans for this cute little guy, so stay tuned!

If there is anything, Christmas or otherwise, that you want over at Lifestyle Crafts, use the code BEDIFFERENT at checkout and you will get 20% off of your entire order.  And let me tell you, they have some C-U-T-E Halloween stuff!


Amie said...

Fun! I like the effect on the lantern. :) You will be shocked to learn I just changed my blog format to a Halloween themed one. The rest of the world has already moved on to October 31st, I might as well join it! :p

Lorie said...

Amie, I am so proud of you!!! ;D