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Simple Skirt Tutorial

A Simple Skirt from MADE

The changing seasons mean a lot of things now that I actually live in a place that sort of has seasons.  But even when I lived in Arizona it still meant new church clothes for the kids.

And it is usually around that time that I wish I could sew so that I could make something cute for the girls.
But I don't sew.  But I want to.  And this tutorial that Dana from MADE shared and promises is the easiest skirt tutorial ever (okay those might be my words, not hers) looks like something I might be able to try.

Of course I might just feel this way because Dana is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and those polka dots are too cute to resist and the pictures are taken at my favorite burger joint in Austin.

It is hard to separate all of those feelings sometimes.

But I just might give a simple skirt a shot.

You can check out Dana's step by step tutorial HERE.


Anonymous said...

Too adorable! I bet I might even be able to do this, and I know my girls would love them for school!!

LakshmiRP said...

I have a Patternless Tutorial on Cute Confessions of Sew Addict posted sometime in January. It is about 'How to make a patternless skirt in < 15 minutes' Click HERE for the tutorial