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Powdered Sugar Molds

Confectioners Sugar Mold from King Arthurs Flour

I love learning new tricks to use in the kitchen.  I once watched an episode of Unwrapped where they were making Scotch Mallows (FAVORITE!!) and they used a cornstarch mold to form the caramel (so it wouldn't stick) and I had forgotten about that trick until I saw this tutorial from King Arthur Flower.

It is powdered sugar instead of corn starch and lollipops instead of caramel, but still very fun and useful.

You can check out the tutorial and get the recipe for the lollipops HERE.


Lil' Luna said...

WOW. So awesome. Can't wait to try these babies out! Thanks for the post, girl! XO

Creative Raisins said...

This is too cool, I am definitely going to give this a try

Miss Lou said...

that looks cool