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One Last S'mores Round Up

S'more Brownies

Last night, as sort of a farewell to summer for us.  Our last weekend with no plans that revolve around going to bed early and getting up for school.  We celebrated by making our own favorite s'more recipe once last time.

S'more brownies. 

You bake your favorite brownie mix in the oven and two minutes before it is done, cover the top with miniature marshmallows and milk chocolate chips.  Bake the last couple of minutes until the marshmallows and chocolate are all melty, then take out, top with graham crackers, and let cool completely.

They are G-O-O-D!!

So in honor of the end of summer (for us) here is one last s'more round up for the season.

S'more Bites from Fix Me A Snack:

A S'more Panini from Just Dandy:

And S'more Rice Krispie Treats from Glorious Treats:

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