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DIY Halloween Skeleton Shirt

DIY Halloween Skeleton Shirt from Cut Out and Keep

Is it too soon to be posting Halloween costume ideas?  Probably.  But blame it on Kelly.  She shared a link to this fun idea for a DIY skeleton shirt from Cut Out and Keep and I couldn't help myself.

You can check out this fun skeleton shirt that is made from cutting up an old shirt and layering HERE


Helena said...

I want to make this! I'm just a little worried about the eye placement. One little slip, and it's kind of...going to attract a lot of sleazy looks in the wal-mart parking lot, you know?

Unknown said...

I have to agree with Helena! It's a smart idea, though! Thanks for sharing, Lorie!

Lorie said...

You do have to be careful, but the good thing is that you are cutting the shirt up, so you can put it on and use a marker or something to draw the circles in the best places! ;D

I also think this would be fun on the tummy of someone who is pregnant! ;D

Unknown said...

You could always put this on the back of a t-shirt. That's how i did mine. Mine was also a band t-shirt :)