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Sewing Room Garlands

Tape Measurer Paper Chain from Ric Rac

I saw this fun paper chain inspired garland from Ric Rac over at One Pretty Thing.  It would be fun to hang in a sewing room.

And then I remembered this fun crocheted paper chain garland from Love Stiches that I posted about in February of last year, which would also be fun to hang in a sewing room or craft room.

And after I got over the fact that it felt like YESTERDAY when I posted that and it was actually almost a year and a half ago, I started searching for other fun paper chain like garlands made out of sewing room supplies.

Of course there is scrap fabric, like this one from Film in the Fridge:

And if knitting is more your thing you can knit one like ODDknit:

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very funny garland
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