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Repurposed Sheet Curtains

Vintage Sheet Curtains from Jeanetics

My living room curtains were feeling very heavy and wintery.  I wanted something a bit more airy to reflect the bright summer days happening out of doors. 

With plans on moving in a year I really didn't want to spend a lot of money on fabric for something that might not work in the next house we live.  And to tell the truth--I wasn't really interested in spending time to sew something because I'd rather spend my time on my quilts right now. 

I found my answer in a thrift store sheet.  (It fit my parameters and was an eco-friendly option as a bonus.)  I have two windows so I took a queen-sized sheet and cut it right down the middle lengthwise.  The proportions may have been a little better for cutting it width-wise, but I liked the vine pattern better going in the up and down direction. 

Also by cutting it in half length-wise It already hat this great folded-over edging on the top and bottom.

Perfect for running a curtain rod through.

(Though my rods are a bit formal for these curtains--it's ok.)

I honestly didn't bother to even hem the edge I cut (ripped actually).  I can always go back and do it on a day when I have more than 5 seconds to work on it.  But meanwhile I have a new set of summery muslin curtains That only cost me $2.25 for the pair and required zero sewing.  (And as a bonus were friendly on the environment.)

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Jeanette said...

Thanks for posting. This was the easiest instant-gratification project ever. Still loving them.