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Money Origami Gift Box

Money Gift Box from The Crafts Dept.

I found this idea for a money gift box over at The Crafts Dept.  It is a clever way to give the gift of cash. It is also a fun activity to keep 10 year old boys busy.  If your kid likes origami, I guarantee that he will like money origami 100 times more.

You can get the details for folding this box HERE.  And there are other money origami ideas (like shirts and spiders) HERE.  And this book, Easy Dollar Bill Origami, is only $5 on Amazon and came recommended by a school teacher friend of mine.

Happy money folding!


christy said...

I ordered the book! :) One for me/my son & another copy for his bestie that has a b-day soon. I think they will both have a blast w/these. Thank you!

Lorie said...

They will love them! My boy is having so much fun with origami this summer!