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Me Sew Crazy [Guest Post]

Sewing Tutorials from Me Sew Crazy

Hi everyone, I am Jessica and I blog over at Me Sew Crazy!

When I saw the opening for possible guest blog spots at Be Different Act Normal, I absolutely had to write! I am such a huge fan, always drooling over the eye candy Lorie showcases - literally drooling, as she is often showing off some fantastic crafty food - lol :).

I write a sewing blog, which features many DIY clothing patterns and tutorials, often children related! Here are just a few that were well received...

I am known for my little girl's clothing...

But will also throw in an accessory here and there, and am now learning little boy's clothing with the newest addition of our family!

My Spring Clothing Collections for my daughters and niece were a huge is just one of the three collections featured:

And I may or may not be working on Fall Collections as we speak :).

Oh yeah, and everything you see above??? There are tutorials for it! I do hope you'll stop by!

Thank you again Lorie for allowing us to be featured on your fabulous site while your internet is spotty :). Hope you are back up and running again soon!


Heather H said...

Thanks for sharing! I am going to check out her site right now!

Lorie said...

You will love it Heather!!