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Icebox Cake Recipes

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Box Cake from Martha Stewart

I originally saw this image over on Babble.  This beautifully delicious chocolate chip cookie ice box cake is from Martha Stewart, but I couldn't find it on Martha's site.  But then I stumbled upon the recipe over at at Gordon's Gossip and thought I would do a little more digging. 

I have never had an icebox cake, but it sounds like a fun thing to try in the summer when it is too hot to turn the oven on.  And you can make them with just about any cookie.  

Martha has a recipe for a lemon icebox cake that looks delicious too.

And you don't even have to use cookies.  This icebox cake one uses graham crackers, bananas, and chocolate:

You can check out more of Martha's icebox cakes HERE.


Unknown said...

I had no idea Martha had a chocolate chip cookie cake recipe!! I posted one on my site at the end of June that involves make a 3 giant chocolate chip cookies! YUM!!

Lorie said...

Oh! Off to check it out!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I will take one of each :) Yum!