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i *heart* thrifting [Austin]

My friend Beth is hosting the Austin chapter of the National i <3 thrifting party on July 9, 2011.

Here is the information from her blog in case you live in the area and want to join in the fun!!

Hey Be Different Act Normal Readers!!

I'm Beth, and I blog over at Free Stylin'!

I wanted to let you in on a little day of FUN!! coming up soon! Have you heard about the HUGE thrifting party going on ALL OVER the US on July 9th? The awesome Mr. Goodwill Hunting has put together an I <3 Thrifting Party so everyone can get together for a day of thrift shopping!! How awesome is that?!

"In all THRIFTY STATES and from every walk of life people will gather together and meet up at a local thrift store to thrift and just have some plain ole fancy fun on July 9, 2011."

Everyone's invited!

I am so excited to be hosting the Austin Chapter of the

I <3 Thrifting Party!!

We are going to have such a fun day!!

Here's a look at our itinerary:

Austin, July 9th - 10 am

10 am: #1 Salvation Army Family Store 601 W. Louis Henna Blvd Round Rock, TX 78664

11:30 am: #2 Goodwill - North Lamar 5555 North Lamar 78751

1 pm: **Lunch@ Thundercloud Subs 2308 Lake Austin Blvd 78703**

2 pm: #3 Goodwill - Lake Austin 701 Newman Dr. 78703

3:30 pm: #4 Habitat for Humanity ReStore 310 Comal St 78702

Our shopping is north, south, and central, so feel free to come all day
or meet us at a specific store!!

Also, there are super cute shirts to wear to the par-tay!! Pick up your black or pink shirt at (I got the pink one!!)

Would you like to join me for a fun day of shopping?!

Leave me a comment, or send me an e-mail at
freestylinbeth (at) gmail (dot) com
letting me know you are in!

Can't wait to see you there!

If you don't live in Austin, go to Mr. Goodwill Hunting's site for the party in your town!!

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