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Crafty Texas Girls [Guest Post]

Crafty Texas Girls Craft Room

Howdy! I am Samantha from Crafty Texas Girls. I am a proud momma and an avid crafter. During nap time I love to plan parties, create adorable accessories for sweet girls, and of course dabble in home decor. My favorite things right now include burlap, rhinestones, hot glue, a great sale at Goodwill!

I am so excited to show you a few of my most favorite projects. So I thought I would start at my 'mission control'-- the craft room. My husband helped me convert our guest bedroom into my very own crafty room. I love having all my ribbon and fabric organized in one place. The furniture is thrifted and I am proud to say, my helpful hubby built that pink ribbon organizer!

My oldest daughter is quite the crafty girl too. She is my little side-kick when it comes to fun projects. I think all kids need a chance to be creative. For her 5th birthday we worked to together to create the ultimate "Tangled" party-- including a tower cake.

And who doesn't like a bit of upcycling? I live for crafty projects that can be completed for less than $20.

An "Anthro-Inspired" acid mirror created with oven cleaner.

'Fancy up' an ugly lamp shade with simple ruffled fabric

 And learn how to turn an old t-shirt into a statement necklace. Being 'thrifty' is new 'chic' right?!

Thanks so much for letting me share a few of my favorite ideas. Between homemaking, raising girls, and crafting, there is always a great project popping up in my house. I hope you'll stop by and see more of what Crafty Texas Girls has to offer. Oh and come as you are- cowboy boots are optional :)


Daisy said...

Love your craft room...which I had space in my home to have my own room!!

Crafty Texas Girl said...

Thanks Daisy! I saw some great ideas for turning a closet into a craft space over at "Home Stories A to Z"- I think she called them 'cloffices', like 'closet' plus 'office'. Pretty creative!