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Butterbeer Glazed Cookies

Butterbeer Glazed Cookies from Bake at 350

Even if you aren't a Harry Potter fan and you didn't stay up until midnight last night and you aren't trying to pretend like you are exhausted right now, these Butterbeer glazed cookies that Bridget made look delicious.

And if you are a Harry Potter fan they might just make you a little sad because the end has come and you might just need to bake some to make yourself feel better.

You can get the recipe for these butterbeer glazed cookies over at Bake at 350.


Foundinthe-ALI said...

no going to lie, I clicked on this because I was like "...'beer'?....hmm" hahah.

I'm not a Harry Potter fan but I'm going to try these. :)


SweetSugarBelle said...

I love these!!!


Isto deve ser muito bom! fiquei com vontade de devora-los!
Boa noite