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Sprinkle Rimmed Glasses

Sprinkle Rimmed Glass from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover

I saw this fun image from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover over on Pinterest.  Although rimming glasses with sugar/salt/etc is usually reserved for alcoholic drinks, this idea with nonpareils would be so fun at a birthday party with just some punch!  I think kids would love it and I know adults would too. 

I even have red, white, and blue nonpareils in my sprinkle drawer that we could use for the 4th of July.
You are going to need something a little stronger than lemon or lime juice to the the candy to stick, so I would suggest light corn syrup.


zakkalife said...

Pretty! This definitely needs to be bookmarked for future parties.

Sawdust Girl said...

ooh, that's so fun!