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Free Printable Chore Charts

Free Printable Chore Charts from Brought To You By The Letter B

I love summer vacation.  LOVE IT!  I like not having an alarm wake us up everyday, especially since one of my daughters is an angel if she gets to sleep in until 10 am.  I love going swimming everyday.  I love summer vacations.  I love 4th of July!  I LOVE SUMMER!

The only thing that I struggle with is finding time to do things like clean the house with all three kids around all day.  I mean who wants to be folding laundry when we could be at the splash park?  But these great printable chore charts from Gennifer Bursett may help with that issue.

I can personalize each one with the kids names, their chores, and when they need to complete them!  That last part is my favorite.  I think I will laminate them so we don't have to keep printing off new ones.

You can get your free printable chore chart (they come in four colors) over at Brought To You By The Letter B.


Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing! Perfect time for summer vacation. I've been looking all over for something like this so this is great!

Tara said...

This inspired me to get the summer chore charts done. I used her PDF file and personalized some for my children. I love them. Heres to hoping they inspire lots of sprucing up this joint. My kids think I'm a slave driver, but I tell them it's good for the soul :).

Tara said...

Oh and I'm putting the 5 I made {4 for each one of my kids, plus one for additional jobs for hire {like washing the car, etc.} in a frame. They will check off their chores with a marker on the glass. Then I'll erase them that night and we'll start again the next day. I'm hanging them on the wall with a portion of a quote from my church. You're probably familiar with the 6 B's. The one that applies here is Be Clean. I am also thinking of having "cleanliness in next to Godliness," or something along those lines.