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DIY Braided Headbands [Repurposed Shirts]

Braided Headbands from Make It and Love It

The hubby and I just did a major closet and dresser clean out.  There is still a big pile of things that need to be taken to Goodwill sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor.

We will not discuss how many days they have been sitting there.

But there were lots of things that had seen better days and didn't make it into that pile.  T-shirts that would have been perfect for this cute project over on Ashley's blog.

I may have to make a second sweet and see if I can find some shirts to repurpose into these cute braided headbands, since Ruby now refuses to let me put her hair in piggies and only wants headbands.

You can see the tutorial to create your own 5 strand braided headbands over at Make It And Love It.

And even if you aren't into headbands, it is still cool to learn how to braid 5 strands.


Unknown said...

The thing that throws me off from getting things together for Goodwill is seeing all of these cute ideas for tshirts! I keep saving them thinking I'll do something with them!

This is my favorite yet and unlike a rug or something crazy, I could actually do this in a few min. Thanks!

Eva said...

I would add something to help it stay in place on your hair. I'm thinking putting little nubbies of that puffy paint stuff on the inside. Do they even still make puffy paint?