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Clever Uses for Tension Rods

Under the Sink Storage from A Thousand Words

When I saw this image over on Apartment Therapy I couldn't get over how clever the idea was.  And not in a why didn't I think of that way, but in a I NEVER would have thought of that way.

Over at A Thousand Words she uses a tension rod under her sink to store her spray bottles.  I love it, but I am going to have to wait another year or two until my littles little is just a bit older.  She has never been the mischievous kind, but you can never be too careful.  But if you don't have little ones or you use only cleaners that are child safe, head over to Jen's blog and get the scoop on this clever storage idea.

But after thinking about this post for a while, I realized there are a couple other tension rod ideas I have seen recently and I am think they are so clever.

So moral of the story, I highly under estimate the cleverness of tension rods.

Here are some examples of clever uses for tension rods.

A doorway puppet theater:

I stole this image from my sister in laws blog because I realized I don't have a picture of our the super cute puppet theater that my mother in law made for the girls last Christmas, but it is identical to this one.

Wrapping paper storage from 33 Shades of Green:

And ribbon storage from Sew Many Ways:

So if you see any other great uses for tension rods, please send them my way.  I think I am going to go buy out all of them I can find!
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