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Tea Cup Apron and Steaming Silhouette Deal

Tea Cup Apron using Silhouette Heat Transfer Material

Silhouette is having another one of their fabulous promotions.  Right now you can get A Silhouette SD and three rolls of heat transfer material (white flocked, smooth teal and smooth dark pink) for $219.

Just add the silhouette heat transfer bundle to your cart and use the code BeDifferent to get the discount at check out.

The promotion is good from May 17 - May 25, so I thought I would show you how fun and easy the heat transfer material can be.

Before Christmas I showed you the cute shirt I made for Ruby using the flocked white heat transfer.

One of my favorite designs that you can buy on the Silhouette sight are all of the beautiful shapes they have with flourishes cut out inside of them.  So I decided to use them again to make an apron.

I fell in love with these beautiful teacups from Samantha Walker:

So I picked those up for 99 cents and went to work.  I had this lovely apron hanging in my kitchen:

And by lovely I mean nice free white apron.  I was going to try to cover cover the logo with something, but decided it would be fun to have a half apron.  So that is the route I took.  Bye bye logo.

I love working with the heat transfer because you don't even need to use a cutting sheet.  You feed it in (shiny side down), open the shape you just bought for 99 cents, and cut.  I will say that after playing around with it I like to use the yellow cap and cut at a speed of 8 and a thickness of 17, but that is just me.

Then you pick out the negative portion of the image and you are left with something like this:

Do that two more times and then iron it on ( I won't tell you that I don't actually use a towel between the iron and the transfer paper)like this:

And you have this:

Honestly, from start to finish this took less than 30 minutes.  It is a great way to personalize something as a gift or turn an inexpensive shirt into something a lot more fun.  I think I will let the kids transform some of their old plain shirts into something new this summer with some inexpensive shapes from Silhouette and the heat transfer material.

If you already have a silhouette and want to check out the heat transfer material, you can get that for 25% off right now too.  And it comes in lots of fun colors!  And if you want to pick up a Silhouette during this promotion you can check out the bundle HERE and use the code BeDifferent to get your discount.

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool


Love the Decor! said...

So cute!! I love aprons and I'm a coffee junkie so this is perfect!!

Lorie said...

There are so many fun designs you can get and my absolute favorite thing is that they are all only 99 cents!!

Kari Sweeten said...

SUPER CUTE Lorie...I love those cups!