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Road Trip Bingo

Road Trip Bingo from Oopsey Daisy

We are heading off on our first road trip of the summer this weekend and although the kids have lots of gadgets to keep them busy, I like to have them entertain themselves for at least part of the trip.  One of my favorite games to play is My Father Owns a Grocery Store.  Have you ever even heard of the game? It is one my grandparents taught me.  A guessing game, sort of like 20 questions, but with items you would buy at a grocery store.

I know you have heard of bingo!  So if you are headed out on the road with your kids, head over to Thirty Handmade Days to get theses fun bingo printables from Oopsey Daisy.

There are three different versions, so you can find one for kids of any age.

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Unknown said...

thats a great idea. i know my nephews would love this..