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Fresh Watermelon Treats for Summer Snacking

Watermelon Dippers from Organic Authority

One of the most popular posts from Show and Tell Saturday was a post about watermelon desserts over at I *Heart* Naptime.  I guess everyone is in the mood for some summer fun!  I thought, in the spirit of summer vacation starting in three weeks, I would post some watermelon ideas using real watermelon!

The watermelon sticks pictured above are being dipped in a fun fruit dip that you can get the recipe for over at Organic Authority.  Check out their related posts for everything from a watermelon salad to a spicy grilled watermelon.

Set sail for someplace warm with this watermelon ship from Creative Project:

Looking for a fun way to serve your favorite summer fruit?  This fresh watermelon cake from Veggie Belly is a fun way to make a regular watermelon look party ready.

Stick a tap in a ripe watermelon and enjoy fresh watermelon juice.

Or make your favorite summer drink and serve it in your glass with a sliver of watermelon.

What is your favorite way to enjoy watermelon in the summertime?


Shellyhectic said...

Yummy, great idea! Nothing better in the summer than watermelon!

Maggie Massey said...

Beautiful photos! Love love love watermelon...the kids and I like to just slice off the top of one and dig in with our spoons...yum...;)

Kelli W said...

That watermelon ship is too much fun!

Megan said...

We are huge watermelon lovers in our house! Love the watermelon sticks!


SweetSugarBelle said...

This is pretty much my favorite food!

Katrina said...

one word: YUMMM