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English Muffin Breakfast Cups

English Muffin Breakfast Cups

Last year for Mother's Day my hubby made me bacon and cheese egg English muffins from Picky Palate.  At the time we only had standard muffin cups and the eggs ran over and made a huge mess, but they were still tasty.  I have different pans now and have made them a couple of times, so here is how I make my version.

English Muffin Breakfast Cups

What you need:

3 English Muffins, halved {I use Thomas' English muffins}
6 slices of cooked bacon {cook your own ahead of time or used precooked bacon}
3/4 cup of cheese {you can use less}
6 large eggs
Kosher salt and pepper 

Oversized Muffin Pan.  I use this one.

What you do:
Press English muffins into bottom of muffin tin.  {They are going to want to pop back out, so squish them in there.}

Place bacon on top of English muffins {Either in a circle around the cup or lying across the cup}

Add cheese over top of muffin.  {The original recipe only calls for 1/2 a cup, so you can start with that and add more, but I always use more!}

Crack an egg in a separate bowl and then pour on top of muffin.  Repeat for al 6 muffins.  {You can be daring and crack the egg right into the muffin tin, but trying to get a stray egg shell out of these egg/cheese/bacon mixture in that tiny space is not fun!  Ask me how I know!}

Top with salt and pepper to taste.

NOW preheat over to 375.  {Usually recipes have you do this first, but I like the the way they turn out when the egg has had a little time to soak into and around the english muffin.  Of course, this is going to add to the total time it takes to make the recipe, and if you are in a hurry you can preheat the oven first, but I like them better this way.

Bake for 20 - 25 minutes until  egg has set.  {I personally like them on the more set side}

Run knife around each cup to loosen muffin and remove.

Enjoy! {I like to serve them in a cupcake liner}


The recipe couldn't be easier and I cannot wait to switch it up and try them different ways.  I am going to try scrambling the eggs for my kids next time.  You can also add green chilies for a little southwestern flair.  I am also going to try it with sausage one of these days.  And maybe after that, I will replace the English muffin with bread.

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Unknown said...

Love this idea. I've made breakfast muffins before but always fussed with cutting bread or making bread. This sounds much more sensible and easy. Thanks!