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Ruffled Tablecloth

Ruffled Tablecloth from All the Small Things

If you have ever read any of the other sewing related posts that I have shared than you know that I am not a sewer.  I would love to be, but I shy away from most sewing projects.  So when I say a project is something I  could pull off, you should take that as a sign that it is easy.  Really easy.  Like sew a straight line that doesn't even really have to be straight easy.

Now you will look at this pretty ruffled tablecloth from All the Small Things and think I am crazy, but I really could pull it off.  Check out the tutorial HERE,  I bet you can pull it off too!


Tara said...

I need some of that ruffled fabric. I've seen it being used for all sorts of darling things.


Kyla Armstrong said...

Or this one?