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Rainbow Garland

Rainbow Garland from Givers Log

I have seen a lot of fun ideas for a rainbow themed party, but this great rainbow garland that AmberLee made has to be one of the most impressive.  The reason I love it is that it cost a whopping $1 and took her 10 minutes to complete.

That's it!  $1 and 10 minutes.

My all time favorite rainbow party idea was this ruffled rainbow table cloth:

But lets be honest.  If I tried to make that it would take a lot more than $1 and I would need about 10 years to finish it.  Of course, I can't sew a ruffle.

I think I will stick to cutting tissue paper!

You can see the tutorial for the tissue paper rainbow over at Gives Log.

If you don't need a rainbow but still like the neat tissue paper trick, she made some great spiral tissue paper streamers using a similar technique HERE.

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