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DIY Calligraphy Lamp Shades

Calligraphy Lamp Shades from Pottery Barn

If you love the look of these calligraphy lampshades from from Pottery Barn, but are having a hard time finding one (or at least one in your price range), there are a couple of great tutorials on how to create a knock off for yourself!

Gina from The Shabby Chic Cottage has a great tutorial showing you how to trace the calligraphy onto the drum shade.  Honestly I think her lamp shades turned out better than the original.

And Kimberly from Here On Crow Creek used a set of stamps to acquire the look she wanted.

And to make them even more personal, like Megan did for the lampshades in her bedroom, you can use your own personal love notes.

Which reminds me of these romantic love letter pillows too.

So if you want custom calligraphy lamp shades (or pillows for that matter) there are quite a few ways you can accomplish them inexpensively and without having to make a trip to the mall.

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La Profe said...

I love those pillows!!!