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Blogger Views: A New Way to Read My Blog

Be Different, Act Normal in Dynamic View

So have you fallen in love with Pinterest yet?  I love being able to look at all of the images spread out like a mosaic.  And I am super excited that Blogger now has a way that you can view my blog in the same format.  You can check it out HERE.

There are actually five new ways you can view any blogger blog (unless the author has them disabled).  Mosaic is my favorite, but flipcard is pretty fun too!  And Snapshot.  But mosaic is definitely my favorite.

Timeslide reminds me of the new Twitter format.  Handy on Twitter, but not really my favorite for blog reading.  I like sidebar a little more, but with my blog setup it isn't really useful.

So which one do you like?  Or do you prefer the good old fashioned blog layout?
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