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Vanilla Wafer Mini Meals

Nilla Wafer Mini Meals from Dollhouse Bake Shoppe

These cute little mini meals from Dollhouse Bake Shoppe are way too fun not to make as a treat for your little ones.  You could have an entire meal at your tea parties.  And what about April Fool's Day!  these would be a perfect treat.

You can even use them for more practical things like decorating cupcakes:

Or add a lollipop stick and they become a super fun party treat:

You can see the step by step for each of these mini Nilla waffer meals HERE.


Jennifer said...

Those are so cute!!! Would be great for kids parties! Love them :)

Erin said...

These are awesome! We are going to make the hamburgers this week and I can't wait!

Lindsay Ann said...

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