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Reclaimed Wood Shower Curtains

Olive and Love used some reclaimed wood for a little project:

That beautiful image is actually her shower curtain:

Silly me, I always thought that shower curtains had to hang from a rod and you had to be able to slide them.  But really, is there ever a need to keep them open longer then stepping into a shower?  Now maybe for a kids bathroom when they are taking baths, but I am pretty sure the very small function that is lost is made up for by the sheer beauty.

And I think it would be great for regular curtains too.  Especially in a room like a bathroom where they don't spend much time being open anyways.  In fact, I bet the ruffled curtain would look even better hanging from hooks.

And if you are only in the mood for Christmas ideas, you could use the same idea as a pretty cute rustic stocking hanger!


Pamela said...

Love, love! So creative and I much is a shower curtain open.

Unknown said...

omg! I so need to convince D to let me do this in our bedroom!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

Unknown said...

Nice! What a clever idea.

Unknown said...

This is very cool, definitely want to try this.