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Easter Egg Candle Sticks

Easter Egg Candle Sticks from JCs Loft

Paula turned a couple of pieces of wood and some plastic Easter Eggs into these cute Easter candle sticks.  She used fun colorful eggs, but I think these would be gorgeous even without the glitter.  I would love them in all white, but then I guess they would just be egg candle sticks.  So maybe pale pink.

You can see the full tutorial for this Easter Egg Candlestick over at The CSI Project.


JC's Loft said...

So fun to see my candlesticks here!! You know I actually thought of doing speckled eggs in white, blue, and pink hues but I decided to go the traditional Easter colors : )

Glad you like them!!!!!!!!


Brittanie Gordon said...

those are great! On my to do list!! Thanks for sharing