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Confetti Eggs [Cascarones]

Cascarones from Abby Try Again

After seeing this image from Abby Try Again, I want to make some cascarones (confetti filled Easter eggs).  So I checked out a couple of tutorials.

First you dye them the traditional way, then empty them out and rinse them. (we will have to have breakfast for dinner that night).

All of the instructions I have read lead me to believe that you traditionally empty them first and then dye them, but I have dyed empty eggs before and it is MESSY!  You have to hold them down and your fingers are black when you are done.

After they dry you fill them with confetti.

And cover the hole with tissue paper and glue.  

You then run around cracking them on each others heads.  Now THAT sounds like an Easter tradition we need to start in our family.  

You can read more about the tradition of cascarones HERE.


Forever Young said...

What a cute idea:)


Tara Odebrecht said...

Love these, we did them for a Mario party last year. The kids LOVED them!

Heather said...

These are so fun! I've never made them myself, but HEB carries them, and we have added this to our Easter traditions since moving to TX!

Melissa said...

We do this every year for Easter!! It is messy , but since I start saving eggs in January and usually have 30 or so dozen that is the easiest! We add a little flour and are messy in the end!
These are pictures from last year!

Monica Robinson said...

My 3 yr old daughter would call that "a great idea!" - thanks for sharing!
M x

Tara said...

I still have some of these leftover from last Easter {I forgot about them so we never used them}.