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Valentine's Day Treats from Show and Tell Saturday

Valentine Treats from Show and Tell Saturday

Next weekend is going to be a sugar filled one around our house.  We have two class parties, a preschool party, and our Pink and Red dinner that will all be happening the following week.  There will be all sorts of baking going on in my kitchen.   I am always up for trying something new, so here are a few of the recipes that my kids picked from Show and Tell Saturday.

Inside BruCrew Life made Brookie Bites.  I thought they were named after someone named Brookie, but it turns out that  Brookie = Brownie + Cookie:

There are a couple of donut shops around us that make heart shaped donuts in celebration of Valentine's Day, but what fun is buying heart shaped donuts when you can make heart shaped donuts like Bugaboo:

I think I will go with a more traditional flavor (chocolate or vanilla) for the class party cupcakes, but these lemon cupcakes with raspberry frosting over at The Madsen's would be a fun treat for our pink and red dinner:

The recipe for these sugar cookies with chocolate hearts from This Chick Cooks looks really easy to pull off and I think there would be minimal mess for the preschool kids:

And these heart shaped whoopie pies from Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms make me really sad that have been assigned unfrosted cookies (so the kids can frost them) for Lou La's class, because I know she would love to make these for her friends:

Maybe I will be crazy and make both!

What special treat are you making for Valentine's Day?  


lAuRa said...

yum!, those Brookies look great! I have some yummy Valentine recipes on my blog too! :)

Jocelyn said...

Thanks so much for showcasing my Brookie Bites! Hope you like them.

alicia said...

Yum! What great ideas too!