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Valentine Cupcakes

I mad the mistake of downloading the Sprinkles App onto my iPhone.  The result is an obsession with all things cupcake.  Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I thought I would share some of the cupcake ideas I have fallen in love with recently.  By recently I mean yesterday.

TomKat Studio shared these on HGTV:

She used a bunch, but I have that shape on my Silhouette, so making these cupcakes tags would be quick and easy.  Even if you had to cute out the flags by hand it wouldn't take long to make 30 for your kids class.  You could even pick up some cupcakes at the store and add the flags to dress them up!

Icing Designs decorated her cupcakes with another treat:

Those hearts are candy coated Rice Krispie treats.  So I guess that is a treat coated in a treat stuck in another treat.  Now THAT is Valentine's Day.  Or I guess it could be Halloween too.

Twirlie Whirlies offers another paper version:

And you probably remember the cupcake topper made from cupcake liners, also from Icing Desings:

And probably the easiest of all, this idea from Sugadeaux Cupcakes, a heart shaped lolipop sucker:


Janell said...

Off topic, Google Reader just showed me this and I thought of your Valentine's sayings a few days ago.

JesPlayin said...

*squeals in delight* yet another excuse to use my silhouette! I guess I'll be taking some really cute cupcakes to our friends' house tommorrow night!