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Twitter to the Rescue

image from Monkey Works.

Last night after I got home from Blue and Gold and got the kiddos ready for bed, I sat down for my nightly blogging ritual.  (1000+) ideas sitting in my reader, and after two hours I had gone through more than half of them and hadn't written a single post.  

Don't get me wrong, there was some great stuff.  CUTE stuff!  Fun stuff.  But all I could bring myself to type was, this is cute and this is fun.  

I think I crashed after the sugar high that is Costco cake.

So I asked Twitter (well actually, the people that follow me on Twitter) if anyone wanted to write a post for me.

A couple of my Twitter friends responded, so you will be reading their posts today.  I hope you have a great Friday and I will see you tomorrow for Show and Tell Saturday

PS - This was really fun, so I might do it again.  So if you want to be part of the fun next time, follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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