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Toy Story Birthday Cakes

Zackorie's Toy Story 3 Cake

My sister made this Toy Story 3 cake for my nephews birthday.  She doesn't have a blog, so I thought I would share it with you.  I think she needs to start a blog so she can show us all how she did it.

If you don't have the patience for such an undertaking, you could always go with these fun Little Green Men cupcakes from Family Fun:

My sister in law made them for my niece's birthday and she served pizza from Pizza Planet boxes.  LOVE IT!

Here are some more fun Toy Story Cake ideas that I love.

Salt Cake City went with the simple cloud theme.  One of my favorite images from the movies is Andy's wallpaper:

Although this one from Cake Central still requires a lot of patience, at least it is just basically a rectangle, and the figures are all toys:

And this is the cake that I am going to tell my sister she needs to attempt for Zackorie's 4th birthday:


Stuff by Ash said...

I am so in love with these! Did you see this Toy Story B-Day Party: Between that post and this one, I am sold on throwing a Toy Story bash ASAP!

HereBeDragons said...

Holy cow. Those are some INTENSE CAKES! Especially since they're going to be EATEN. Yum. Cake.

Tracy Snyder said...

Wow!!! Your sister did a great job, it's amazing. Yo're lucky to access to her talent. I love all the Toy Story movies, so great for kids.

Shala said...

That cake is awesome. Tell her a "blogee" thinks she needs to get a blog too. :-)

Stephanie said...

Holy Cow is right! I want her to be my sister. So talented, she should be on one of the cake shows on tv. It looks too good to eat! Can't wait for the 4th birthday party, that doesn't look easy.

Amie said...

holy woww!! My 6 year old just saw it and said "Wow I would totally want that for a cake!" I said, "Me too! But don't count on it!"

Shana Faesy said...

Omg that cake is insane! She has some talent.


emma said...

Any idea how she got the buzz wings to stay up? I'd love suggestions


Jackie said...

Really awesome cake!! :0